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Looks good at any POS: Get inspired by our selection of displays, invest in GISSLER & PASS displays, custom-made to suit any need and budget.

What are POS displays?

The abbreviation POS stands for “Point of Sale” and these displays are promotional advertising material for product presentation.

POS displays are used for the secondary placement of merchandise in shopping centres, supermarkets and shops. They are creative, experience-oriented production presentations that offer customers exciting shopping experiences and generate impulse buys.

POS displays are ideal for…

  • product range expansions,
  • product launches,
  • special advertising campaigns such as promotions, prize draws and competitions for special occasions (e.g. sports events, seasonal events).

Ideal marketing at the POS with GISSLER & PASS

As a POS display manufacturer, our strength lies in our solution-focused approach: every product, every brand is unique and deserves just as unique a presentation. We support your commercial success using top product quality and ideal marketing at the POS.

  • Individuality: Our POS displays are generally customised / tailor-made to your specifications. You won’t find any standard off-the-shelf products here. We stage your brand promise in a consistent and at the same time excitingly new and captivating way.
  • Innovation: Are you looking for an exceptional display solution for an exceptional product? Or do you have special requirements for stability, functions, logistics properties and/or environmental production and CO2 reduction? We will find a solution for you that highlights your product’s innovative power.
  • Time efficiency: Our organisational structure allows for quick decisions. All our processes are intermeshed. What you benefit from: flexible production locations and efficient logistics ensure fast processing from incoming orders to the completion of your projects. Our phenomenal speed of reaction and delivery sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Customer focus: Our service includes comprehensive (technical) consulting by professional, motivated consultants. You get all solutions from one source from brainstorming and concept design to hand-drawn sketches, digital 3D design and the preparation of an unprinted sample, to series production and Co-Packing including logistics services. We advise you in-depth on all the relevant materials, printing and finishing processes and logistics issues.

As a POS display manufacturer …

  • we use our concentrated innovation, creativity and flexibility.
  • we highlight your products in POS display worlds of experience.
  • we think hard, round the houses and outside the box.
  • we generate perfect, tailor-made display solutions for you as a team.
  • we support you as a partner throughout the entire process chain.
  • we focus on your satisfaction & commercial success in everything we do.

Why POS displays are crucial for your commercial success

Roughly three quarters of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Despite a plan and shopping list. This was the result of a Study by GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute. Customers choose products emotionally, unconsciously. The atmosphere, music, product presentation and opportunities to interact with the products or brand influence their buying behaviour.

With elaborate point of sale displays, shopping becomes an experience. POS displays with high-quality materials and an outstanding look captivate customers. They stage your brand in a unique, exciting way.

Point of sale displays…

  • create brand worlds and worlds of experience.
  • magically attract customers’ attention.
  • convey your brand’s message and values.
  • turn shopping into an event. 
  • help consumers make a decision when faced with a huge variety of products.
  • increase your sales.

Good reasons for point of sale displays from GISSLER & PASS

  • GISSLER & PASS knows what manufacturers of branded goods and retail want. Multiple awards in national and international competitions prove our expertise and high standards: we effectively implement successful, innovative and unique POS concepts.

    POS display manufacturer GISSLER & PASS goes the extra meile – for you

    We listen to your requests. Our company excels due to its tradition, flexibility and creativity.

    You benefit from …

    • our reliability and traditional, reliable service in an informal and collaborative environment.
    • flexible, tailor-made and customised solutions for your projects, products and brand.
    • our creative approach to every challenge. Our motto: “Think no limits!”


Printing and finishing options

We also offer various finishing options: 

    • Drip-off/matt-gloss effect
    • Touch effect
    • Hot/Cold foil embossing
    • Deep/raised embossing
    • Micro embossing

GISSLER & PASS: with multiple national and international awards

GISSLER & PASS whas often won awards for its smart, intelligent display solutions: two of our displays won second place in the POPAI Award in 2018. One of these point of sale displays was also nominated for the “Goldene Welle” innovation award from the VDW (The German Corrugated Board Industry Association).

Multiple awards in various competitions prove our expertise. We understand the requirements of renowned manufacturers of branded goods and communicate their brand message in successful POS displays.

gp 5

Pallet Displays

Adapts to your needs, wins over customers.

gp 6

Floor Displays

Leader of the pack in secondary placement.


Counter Displays

Small carriers, big effect.

gp 4

Promotion -Displays

Your sales space in a special light.

Real Thai Promotion 3D


Custom-made for success.

FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions – our answers

Every one of our displays is made in three steps:

  1. Briefing meeting and brainstorming with initial sketches
  2. Design and digital sampling
  3. Production of an unprinted sample and testing procedure


Our staff hold a personal consultancy and briefing meeting with you before we design a tailor-made display for you.

Our experts from sales and packaging design discuss the following with you,…

  • which product you need a display for.
  • how your brand world is to be presented.
  • who your target group is.
  • what your specific goal is.
  • what requests and requirements you have in terms of the display or packaging.
  • the budget.
  • the approximate production time.

Design and digital sampling

Based on this briefing meeting, we develop a made-to-measure packaging and display solution for you using the latest CAD software. This gives you a 3D impression beforehand of what it will look like later on.

In agreement with you, we then create an unprinted sample as a prototype. This is a 1:1 copy of the later display series. Our sales staff introduce themselves to you in person. You can examine the sample yourself before production starts. It then undergoes various tests. Our test criteria are stability, practicality, quality and transportability of the display. Displays that carry products are also subjected to a shipping test with the original merchandise.

The displays are made at our company sites in Jülich and Rodenberg.

We produce various POS displays:

  • Pallet displays
  • Floor displays
  • Counter and shelf displays
  • Shop window displays
  • Shop-in-shop systems

Any product that wants more visibility and attention:

  • New product launches
  • (Re)presenting existing product ranges
  • Promotions, special campaigns, prize draws, for example for seasonal articles, sports events

Our POS displays’ basic material is corrugated board. The selection of other materials is decided by your requests, needs and requirements. A high-quality presentation highlights just how high quality your products are.

A selection of materials that are possible in addition to corrugated board:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Honeycomb corrugated board
  • LED lighting
  • Rotary motors

We give you an estimated delivery time before the project starts. The customer’s requirement always takes top priority at GISSLER & PASS. Reducing the TIME TO MARKET is our daily bread and is just as paramount as creativity and reliability!

Every point of sale display is a customised solution. There are not any standard versions. The product, objective and target group are different for every project. The display from GISSLER & PASS is optimised to consider these.

Your advantages:

  • Custom fit: your display is tailor-made and optimised to your requests, needs and requirements
  • Perfect staging: your brand and products stand out at the POS thanks to unique presentation
  • Market success: our creative POS display solutions boost sales and contribute to increasing your turnover
  • Unique selling point: no other company, no other brand uses the same display solution.

Modular display systems work on a toolbox principle: there are a handful of basic elements, e.g. the base, display shell or trays, which are suitable for various products and brands. They are customised for your product, or the market, using printing as well as posters, attachments, etc.

Advantages of the modular elements:

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Cost-effective production
  • Shorter delivery times
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