Transport Packaging

Transport Packaging

Tailor-made solutions that are sure to arrive intact.

We go out of our way to design the perfect transport packaging. Along the way, selecting the right materials and complying with statutory regulations help ensure a maximum of safety. From extremely fragile to hazardous goods: your products are safe and well protected at all times.

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What is Transport Packaging?

GISSLER & PASS delivers transport packaging solutions designed to cope with all stresses and strains. In addition to protecting your product during shipping, storage and handling, they also help streamline the logistics process. The focus here being clearly on the protective and logistics aspect, most of our transport packages come either without any printing or with monochrome or bichrome flexo prints.

Requirements a transport packaging solution must meet

GISSLER & PASS as packaging manufacturer knows:

a transport packaging solution must satisfy a number of requirements. Branded goods manufacturers, the retail sector, and end consumers all have different needs, wishes and requirements when it comes to packaging. We have taken it upon ourselves to fulfil these to the best of our abilities.This is why we always perform an in-depth requirement analysis before we proceed to conceptualise your transport packaging solution. Whether it is physical challenges, environmental influences, economic factors or statutory provisions (e.g. shipping of hazardous goods) – it’s all accounted for in the development process.
Our quality management team makes sure that in practice, our transport packaging leaves nothing to be desired. To achieve this, a number of different tests are performed, including stacking pressure and penetration trials, before the prototype is put into batch production.

Protection and Stability

Transport packaging is subject to a plethora of stresses and strains.

  • It has to provide optimal functionality on your packaging lines and take on your logistics processes without a hitch.
  • It will get lifted and pushed around during loading and unloading. Palletised transport packaging is moved by forklift and pallet trucks.
  • During shipping, packaging units jolt, slip and may even be subject to climatic changes.
  • In a worst-case scenario, they get bumped or dropped in the handling process.

Filling and padding the transport packaging with due care, in combination with the dedicated design, accounts for the primary requirement of keeping the content safe and helps keep external influences away from your products. To meet this objective, GISSLER & PASS relies on tailor-made inserts and pads.

Functionality and Design

We craft bespoke transport packaging solutions to protect your products.
Having said this, packaging requirements are different from customer to customer, from product to product. Are you a company with international operations in the field of luxury goods?
Then global brand recognition will be vital to your success. For example, in the champagne industry we at GISSLER & PASS have carved a name for ourselves with highly functional transport and sales packaging solutions that offer the look and feel to match the upmarket brand requirements. This goes from high-quality offset prints and/or refinements right up to embossings of what normally is a rather humble and unpretentious packaging.

Do you want a packaging solution that stands out from the rest? Get in touch!

Transport Packaging in e-commerce

E-commerce is booming. Transport packages in the mail order business will end up right in the hands of the end customer. This means that the packaging solution must be prepared to meet requirements that go beyond transport safety and logistics capabilities:

  • It helps build an image and relays information.
  • End customers want a straightforward opening system and return capabilities in the same packing unit.
  • Eco-friendliness and easy disposal are just as important as
  • the unwrapping experience and the thrill of anticipation of what’s inside.

FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions – our answers

Essentially, we at GISSLER & PASS follow a three-step ordering and production process:

  1. Briefing: You explain to us which products, route of transport, and clientele the transport packaging is needed for. In addition, we will ask you about your expectations, needs and requirements.
  2. Digital modelling and digital prototyping: In a next step, we draw up a tailor-made transport packaging solution on the computer.
  3. Prototype creation and testing: A prototype is created based on the digital model. This prototype is then subjected to rigorous testing. If it passes muster in our quality tests, we proceed to manufacture the transport packaging in the desired quantity.


The briefing is conducted by our field and packaging design experts, who will find out how you envision the packaging solution to look like.

Possible questions we may ask you during the briefing:

  • What goods are supposed to be shipped in the required transport packaging?
  • What is your target group?
  • What are the logistics processes and routes of transport that the packaging will travel along?
  • Do you have any special design expectations?
  • Do you ship foodstuffs that will be directly exposed to the transport packaging?
  • Is the transport packaging used to protect fragile, extra heavy, or other goods with special requirements?
  • What is your budget?

Digital modelling and digital prototyping

After the briefing, we use the information provided by you to create a 3D model of the desired transport packaging, in which we employ cutting-edge CAD software. The model gives you a good idea of how your transport packaging will look like. In the computer simulation, it is possible to run through different packaging and palletising options. In this step, ideas for improvement and wishes you may have can be incorporated straight away.

Prototype creation and testing

Once the model has been finalised on the computer together with all inserts, fillers, etc., we will use this information to create a so-called prototype, which is a preproduction model of your transport packaging. On the one hand, it serves as an illustration for you. On the other hand, it is the precursor of your packaging batch. This prototype must hold up in various test runs, and will not be put into batch production unless it meets all our requirements.

Our tests are based on the following criteria:

  •  sturdiness,
  • functionality, and
  • quality

The transport packaging is produced at our plants in Jülich and Rodenberg, where all of GISSLER & PASS’s products are made.

All our transport packaging solutions are exclusively made from corrugated board. More than two third of all products made in Germany are shipped in corrugated board transport packaging, and there is a reason for this.

Corrugated board offers a number of benefits:

  • It acts as natural padding, is customisable to match the product, and can be printed easily and conveniently.
  • Corrugated board is versatile, as it is available in many different sizes and grades.
  • The carrier material offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.
  • Corrugated board products can be easily recycled. Corrugated board is an environmentally friendly, monomaterial solution, doing away with the need for laborious sorting into different resources. This makes the recycling process very straightforward

Transport packages made from corrugated board are essentially suited for any product:

  • from fragile to stable,
  • from feather-weight to extra heavy,
  • from cheap to expensive.

They can be used to properly protect and ship electrical appliances, books, dishes, machine components or foodstuffs vibration-proof. The corrugated paper pads the content and safeguards it effectively against bumping and dropping. At the same time, the carrier material is exceedingly sturdy and resistant.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an across the board answer to this question. GISSLER & PASS fabricates every transport packaging upon customer request

so the production times depend both on the complexity of the required transport packaging and our existing capacities: Do you need a bespoke special solution, or will a normed standard solution be sufficient?

The duration of the production process differs between individual projects. We will gladly provide a rough estimate at the beginning of your collaboration.

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