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Ceative manpower meets state-of-the-art CAD technology.

Our development and design team is distinguished by innovation-mindedness, creativity, technical savvy, and quality. Coupled with modern technology, we convince our customers absolutely. In the conception stage we use computer assistance to project and compute possible alternatives across all optimisation levels. All sample specimens are created digitally to match the series in terms of design and function. It’s not uncommon that the development and design process will lead to an award-winning solution.

Packaging Development @ GISSLER & PASS

Standard packaging and displays are a dime a dozen. GISSLER & PASS, by contrast, delivers packaging and display solutions that are tailor-made to match your product, brand, and target group. Optimised packaging development is one of our most critical missions.

How sales packaging solutions and secondary placements inspire shoppers at the point of sale

Hit or miss? The sales packaging and/or display campaign is critical to whether a product will sell at supermarkets, discounters or specialist retailers. Most buying decisions are made on the spot, directly at the point of sale. To inspire customers straight away and stand out from the multitude of offerings, you need unique packaging solutions and displays. The more attractive and classy the exterior, the more tempting the content will be for the target group you have in mind. Buying decisions are emotional decisions.

The right display at the POS will help you…

  •  set yourself apart from the competition.
  • capture the attention of prospective customers.
  • give shoppers a sense of orientation.
  • make your brand memorable.
  • be perceived as trustworthy.
  • increase your turnover in the long term.

Customers will draw conclusions as to the content when looking at the exterior. The design of the packaging raises expectations. It intrigues, instils a sense of anticipation of the product, and rouses emotions.

Why a multisensory approach will boost your customers’ brand loyalty

In an ideal scenario, your packaging or display will appeal to as many senses as possible at the point of sale. A multisensory approach guarantees a particularly intense brand experience. Shoppers who remember more than one sense perception of your product will be more loyal to the brand. That’s why we at GISSLER & PASS use visuals, a thrilling haptic experience when unwrapping the product, scents and moving or auditory elements.

  • Vision: You need to catch eyes if you want to attract attention. No matter if it’s through colours, decorative elements, design, or motion. Looking a the product through a window or film, too, increases the buying interest.
  • Feeling: Packaging can convey a sense of class when touched, taken out of the shelve, and opened. Are the materials cheap, expensive and/or eco friendly? Is it easy to remove the product from the packaging? The haptic experience will leave a lasting impression on the shoppers’ attitude toward the your product.
  • Hearing: More often than not, opening a specific product is accompanied by a particular sound, for example the tearing of a bag of chips or the whizzing of a bottle of Cola. What does it sound like when your product comes out of the packaging? What sound do you want to reach the ears of your customers?
    Why not surprise them and make them stop with unexpected acoustic signals sent by your display as they are passing by?
  • Smell: Perforations in the wrapping can be provided to sniff the fragrance of fruits and vegetables. For manufacturers of body care products, perfumes or washing powder, it should be worthwhile to send olfactory signals to the consumer. Scented coatings can be used to give off the desired fragrance.
  • Taste: When it comes to food products, it’s mostly about the taste and scent. Product launches work particularly well when they are combined with lavishly illustrated promotional displays and tasting tables where shoppers can not only buy the attractively packaged product but also get a first taste.


160711 gisslerpass keyvisual verkaufsverpackungen 300dpi CMYK compressor scaled
170207 gisslerpass keyvisual transportverpackungen 300dpi CMYK

GISSLER & PASS will showcase your brand with the help of multisensory packaging and display solutions.

What transport packaging solutions must be able to do

Transport packaging need to be functional and robust above everything else – because, after all, their primary job is to protect the product. Secure transport and easy shipping must be guaranteed.

Consumers are more and more concerned with eco friendliness. We want to make the special characteristics of corrugated board come alive: We deliver solutions that highlight your idea of sustainability for all to see at the POS, for example by using corrugated board made from grass paper. Here, the grass fibres are an alternative primary raw material to the wood fibres commonly used in paper production.

A customised transport packaging solution will help you…

  • reduce warehousing and logistics expenses.
  • cut material costs.
  • protect the environment, thanks to recyclable materials.
  • avoid packaging material going to waste.
  • prevent needless fill.

Packaging Development by GISSLER & PASS

It all begins with a concept. To deliver the perfect packaging for your product, GISSLER & PASS generally subjects every packaging and display item to a four-step design process spanning from the initial concept to series production.

  1. In-depth briefing and, where necessary, an inspection of your production machinery
  2. Computer-assisted packaging design and 3D digital prototyping 
  3. Creation of a prototype which is then put to different tests
  4. Serial production

Optimal solutions from one source

GISSLER & PASS is at your side throughout the value creation chain. Espousing a integral focus on performance, our mission is to let our customers benefit from one-stop services: from brainstorming, conception and consultation through manufacture up to logistic services such as co-packing, warehousing, and transport.

Our staff and every business division all work toward the development of your perfect packaging solution, and they are all part of the quality promise.

Machine suppliers

We are development partners for our customers and our machine suppliers. To meet the requirements of our customers, we are constantly interchanging information with our machine suppliers to help secure a powerful, state-of-the-art machine outfit as well as profound technical know-how.

This enables us to achieve three things:

  1. Our productivity is excellent right from the start.
  2. We stay fit for the future and go with the times.
  3. We consistently deliver cutting-edge, innovative results that will showcase your brand at the point of sale just perfectly.


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Sustainability – a topic for our entire company, across all areas. After almost 140 years of company history full of changes, sustainability is not a new concept for us. Not in business. Nor in our dealings with the environment, climate and society.

For us, economic growth is in harmony with ecological and social thinking. That’s why we use resources carefully, support education, research and culture, and work on future solutions that make sustainable development possible for everyone.
Our goal is to offer our customers sustainable solutions with our products.

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