Mission statement

Mission statement

Growing with each of our customers.

The shared success has proved us right for more than 140 years.

That’s hardly surprising, because it is based on sincere partnerships that are built to last. The success of our customers is our success. Our success is entirely owed to our customers. It takes a cooperative effort that is characterised by fairness, respect, open-mindedness, and sincerity.

Maintaining harmonious relationships with customers and suppliers critically depends on a wholesome internal working climate. Our employees are at the heart of GISSLER & PASS. Encouraging them to take the initiative and assume responsibility, we give them the opportunity to play their part in our success story.

We make eco-friendly products. Therefore, in our eyes, a commitment to environmental protection is a part of our corporate identity. This is evidenced by the materials we select, which are high in recycled content.

What’s more, we work with suppliers that pursue a similar policy in terms of eco-consciousness.

GISSLER & PASS has set national and international standards in the corrugated board and packaging sectors  with know-how, high-end technology, flexibility, and speed. We are looking forward to surprise and win over both existing customers und new partners with innovative Solutions.

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Our new website has launched.

We are pleased to present our new website to you today.

Our online presence in a fresh design offers all clients, partners, candidates and interested parties extensive and partly new information about what we do, how we work and who we are looking for to join our team.

In addition to the changes in appearance and technology, a lot has also changed in terms of content. Relevant topics such as sustainability and training at GISSLER & PASS, which are close to our hearts and which we take very seriously as a family business, have been given a completely new look.

We hope you enjoy discovering the new homepage!

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation.