Sales Packaging

Sales Packaging

Let your packaging speak for you.

Our sales-boosting packaging solutions will also help you reach the consumers’ awareness in the self-service segment. Gissler & Pass has a profound grasp of design’s and execution’s significance. We deliver premium solutions that create a buzz with their uniqueness, tell the tale of the product’s quality, and trigger the decision to buy.

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What is Sales Packaging?

Sales packaging is a real attention grabber at the point of sale. On the one hand, it protects the products, on the other hand—even more importantly—it is the marketing and communication function of the packaging that comes to the fore, attracting the attention of potential buyers by their pleasing form and/or colour scheme. It answers important questions that customers may have about the product, and it serves as harbinger of the brand promise. Moreover, a clever design, user-friendly sealing systems or safety closures, windows and decorative inserts, convenient carrying handles etc. all play an important role in pulling in customers. Also, sales packaging is key in add-on campaigns or enhancing the allure of the product with a gift wrap.

What makes sales packaging a decisive factor to your commercial success

More than 70% of all buying decisions are made directly at the point of sale, that is, in a department store, drug store, supermarket or specialist shop. Sales packaging has an immense influence: The “silent” brand communicator only has about meagre 1.6 seconds to relay its message to the outside world. Because that is the span of time that the eyes of the consumers will remain fixed on your sales packaging and/or product.

Your articles are pitted, in shelves, sales areas, and displays, against numberless other, attractively packaged products. In order for you to stand out from the thicket of brands and products, we at GISSLER & PASS create functional, clever and alluring sales packaging solutions for you that give you as the owner of the brand as well as the buyer added value. We help you streamline your brand presentation: brand-compliant, classy, sales-generating, and individualised.

Options for sales packaging refinement

Corrugated board packages make a perfect substrate for printing. Your colour codes, logos and/or catchphrases help consumers identify your brand without fail. To add attractive refinements to the carrier material, we rely on a sophisticated printing technique. Flexo and offset printing allows for the sales packaging to be adorned with razor-sharp images in brilliant colours.

Special refinement options

  • Matte-brilliant effects can be added to set striking accents.
  • Custom embossings and drip-off texture paint refinements let (potential) buyers experience your brand at the point of sale both with their sense of vision and touch. Holograms produce 3D effects,
  • while transparent foil allows your product to be seen from the outside.

Sales packaging to engage multiple senses

According to a broad international consumer survey, brand loyalty will double when the sales packaging engages multiple senses.


  • Embossings and texture paint let your customers experience the brand with their sense of touch.
  • Sound chips highlight your product aurally, while scented coatings provide for an even more immersive experience.
  • Scented coatings are a useful tool to underscore your brand promise.

We will be delighted to design an innovative sales packaging solution for you that will engage multiple senses.

FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions – our answers

As with our other product families, the development/production process is divided into several steps: briefing, brainstorming/design, prototyping, production.

  1. Briefing: First comes an in-depth interview to help delineate the products and customer base for which the sales packaging solution is needed. In addition, we’ll ask you about your preferences, needs, and requirements.
  2. Brainstorming/design In a second step, we develop a digital, bespoke sales packaging for you and create a digital model.
  3. Prototype creation and manufacture: Using the model from the previous step as a basis and having received your go-ahead, we proceed to create a prototype. Following a wide array of quality tests, we manufacture the sales packaging in the desired quantity.


The following issues are clarified in the briefing:

  • What is the target product for the sales packaging solution?
  • What is your brand message?
  • Which distribution channel do you intend to use for the product in question? Is the product going to be distributed via groceries, discounters, or e-commerce?
  • What is the target group?
  • Do you want the required sales packaging solution to be developed from scratch? Or would you rather pick an existing solution and have it developed and/or streamlined further?
  • Do you have particular preferences as to the functionality, material, or refinement of your packaging solution?
  • What are your packing processes? What are the logistic implications?
  • Is sustainability and environmental awareness critical to your company?
  • What is your budget?


Following the briefing interview, our experts step in to generate a 3D model of your sales packaging-to-be, using your information and preferences as a basis. Cutting-edge CAD software is used in the process. Our digital model will give you a first impression of your future sales packaging.

You have a suggestion for optimisation, special wishes or another idea? No problem: We can incorporate your suggestions straight away.

Prototype creation and manufacture

Once you have given your OK, we use this digital model to fabricate a prototype, which is a preproduction model of your sales packaging. The purpose of the prototype is to serve as an illustrative example of the final product. It’s the precursor to the batch production. Before your sales packaging solution goes into production, this prototype is subjected to several tests in which it must prove its stability and quality. Only then will it be put into series production.

Our packaging solutions are all manufactured at our plants in Jülich and Rodenberg.

The basic material that we use for our sales packaging is corrugated cardboard. Other and/or additional materials will depend on your individual preferences, needs and requirements. A high-quality display serves to highlight the high quality of your product.

  • A mix of materials: Why not pique the interest of potential buyers by amalgamating different materials? One possible approach could be to add a foil window to the corrugated cardboard material so that customers can see the product directly. Another possibility is refinements based on full-fibre board or plastic.
  • Hygiene Flute®: Our pearl-white Hygiene Flute® is made from wastepaper-free, fully bleached, white kraftliner paper. It’s especially popular with the food industry. Our shelf-ready solution for discounters represents a genuine alternative to conventional full-fibre cardboard materials. It fulfils the requirements of the EC Regulation 1935/2004 (materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, traceability) and EU Regulation 2023/2006 (GMP in manufacturing).
  • Grass paper: This alternative raw material helps you save resources and act toward your corporate philosophy of ecological sustainability.

Sales packaging made of corrugated board is essentially suited for any product that seeks to capture the consumer attention in the retail industry. This applies to products in the food and beverage sector, consumer electronics, toys, chemical and pharmaceutical products, or even the cosmetic industry.

Sales packaging…

  • directs the attention of potential buyers to your product and/or brand.
  • supports product branding.
  • appeals to the emotions of your customers in their everyday life.
  • facilitates lifestyle identification.
  • offers incentives to buy.

To put it in a nutshell: The packaging of a product is your key point of contact with the customer. It decides whether your brand will sell and “make it” at the POS.

Each packaging solution is custom-made. Therefore, we can only give you an estimate of the production time if we know the details of your project. We will tell you the approximate delivery date before the production starts, in which we will take account of your time schedule of course.

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