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Customised to suit your needs and budget ‑ we will help stage your product just perfectly. Posters, advertising kiosks, and test/tasting stands can give your presentation added attractiveness, just like corner boards, standees, and information terminals. Our creativity knows no bounds. At your request, we will heighten the POS promotion’s sales-boosting impact by adding multi-sensory effects (sound, light, motion modules) or refinement technologies.

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What are promotion displays?

“Promotion” is a particular type of advertising. In general, customers get product samples or a taster during this type of campaign. Promotion displays provide interaction at the point of sale.

However, promotion displays are not necessarily stocked with goods. The often serve as an additional eye-catcher in the market. Stands accompanying the goods draw the customers’ attention to a specific product and provide additional space for advertising messages.

What types of promotion displays are there?

Popular variants are:

  • Promotion pillars
  • Standees
  • Test and tasting stands
  • Pallet corners
  • Posters and cubes on telescopic rods, and
  • Toppers for displays.

In order to increase the sales-promoting impulse effect of promotion displays, multi-sensory effects can be integrated. Sound, light or movement modules are possible. Finishing techniques additionally emphasise the high quality of the product and brand.

Promotion pillars

Promotion pillars offer a continuous advertising panel. They are available in a variety of models with and without shelves or dispensers, as

  • round pillars,
  • elliptical pillars,
  • triangular pillars, and
  • square pillars.


Whether it’s life-size testimonials, oversized standees in the shape of the product or simply large advertising posters, they all serve as an eye-catcher at the overstimulated POS and as a customer stopper. Standees are generally used to flank promotional materials such as display placements in order to increase awareness and communicate additional messages.

Test and tasting stands

For food, purchasing decisions are made by the stomach. The actual taste experience cannot be conveyed through poster advertising. Particularly for newly launched products or brands, test and tasting stands are the promotional element. Promotion displays draw customers in with their luxurious, appetising design.

Pimp up your Display: pallet corners

Enhancement of goods which are sold directly from Euro pallets or on standard/logistics displays is done, for example, using pallet corners: attached in a few simple steps, they are unique eye-catchers right at the POS and inform consumers about topical offers. The goods remain easy to pick up from the pallet. At the same time, thanks to the large communication surface, customers notice the products from afar.


Posters and cubes on telescopic rods

Your brand message will not go unnoticed thanks to the special placement aloft: Posters, cubes, product simulations or other elements on telescopic rods offer advertising space in an area which is generally poorly exploited. Customers use them for orientation in large markets. Thanks to poster images on multiple levels, 3D with pegs, or with real competition prizes (e.g. football jerseys, plush animals, sledges), an increase in attention is guaranteed.

Superstructures for displays

As superstructures, promotion displays act as unique eye-catchers: they embed displays which will hold goods into small experience worlds. Round or square stamped contour variants are possible, or as stalls or winter cabins, for example.

What products are promotion displays suitable for?

Promotion displays are a perfect choice for almost all types of products because they can flexibly complement any secondary placement as a promotional measure: from sausages, cheese and confectionery through drinks and pet food to household appliances.

As an advertising medium, promotion displays are ideally suited for…

  • product launches,
  • trial promotional prices,
  • seasonal items, or
  • to supplement a complete marketing concept.

What material are promotion displays made from?

Promotion displays are predominantly made from corrugated board. Materials such as plastic or metal can also be used in addition.

Promotion displays offer more

  • More visibility as an eye-catcher at POS: the strength of promotion displays lies in their striking design. The stand-up display addresses customers emotionally. Stamped contour elements which draw the eye provide orientation.
  • More information: in addition to their function as customer stoppers, promotion displays invite consumers to find out more about your brand and other products which are available thanks to their large areas for product information, brand messages and opportunities for interaction. They tell a story – designed in 3D – at POS.
  • Cost-effective variants: do you have standard displays which need a bit more promotion? Supplementary promotion displays is the form of decorative pillars, standees or similar give you the option of putting existing displays into a new and eye-catching setting.
  • More time savings thanks to easy handling: it only takes a few minutes to set up the promotion display at POS and jazz up load-carrying displays.
  • More environmental friendliness: corrugated board is environmentally friendly. At the end of the promotional campaign, you fold the display up and recycle it.
  • More reach thanks to word of mouth: whatever the purchase, customers talk about their purchase. A promotional campaign at POS offers a talking point within the family, between friends, and between colleagues. This means a lasting advertising effect for you.
FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions – our answers

We manufacture your promotion display in three stages:

  1. Comprehensive briefing discussion: first, we find out what you want. What do you need a promotion display for? What concrete ideas do you have?
  2. Design of the promotion display on the PC and digital prototype: we use this information to develop an appropriate promotion concept for you. We use state-of-the-art software for this. The 3D model gives you a first impression of your new stand-up display.
  3. White sample prototype and testing processes: do you like the design? Then we produce a white sample for you. This is a 1:1 reflection of the display.


First of all, our specialist sales representatives and experts in packaging design ask about your specific requirements:

  • What do you need a promotion display for?
  • How should the advertising medium present your product and your brand?
  • What target market is your item aimed at?
  • What are you aiming to achieve with the promotion?
  • What would your promotion display ideally look like? Are the promotional stand-up displays accompanying displays which will hold goods as a cost-effective variant for additional attention?
  • Do you have and specific wishes with regard to the material and finishing options?
  • Shall the promotion display include sound, light or movement modules?
  • What is your available budget?

Digital design of your promotion display (including digital prototype)

We work with state-of-the-art CAD software. We design a promotion display tailored to your requirements on the PC in CAD.

White sample

We then produce a white sample for you for inspection. This is a prototype of the later promotion display series. One of our sales representatives presents your new promotional advertising medium to you in person.

Your new promotion display then undergoes a barrage of tests. The key GISSLER & PASS testing criteria are: 

  • Stability,
  • Practicability,
  • Quality, and
  • Ease of transport.

We have two company sites: in Jülich and in Rodenberg. We manufacture all of our packaging, displays and advertising materials there.

You get tailor-made promotion displays from us. Experimentation pays off in the look, shape and configuration: how about decorative pillars flanking your standard display? Or what about a display topper in the shape of a market stall? How about your promotional messenger in actual size? Or a 3D poster which customers can see from a long way away? We produce promotion materials for you which generate impulse purchases.

It doesn’t matter what items you’re selling: promotion displays are always a good idea.

Sales standees of this type are ideal for…

  • Product and brand launches
  • Seasonal items
  • Promotion campaigns, special offers and prize draws

Our primary material is corrugated board. We incorporate other materials upon request. Your wishes, needs and requirements count here. Talk to us about your ideas. We implement your plans! An elaborate presentation with sound and light emphasises the exclusivity of your products and your brand.

Materials which are possible in addition to corrugated board: 

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Honeycomb corrugated cardboard
  • LED lighting

Each display is a custom piece. We are therefore only able to estimate the production time once we know about your project. Before we begin production, we give you a rough estimate of the lead time. Unfortunately we cannot provide any general information on this point. We produce your advertising medium according to your ideas and wishes. The production time depends to a certain extent on the desired level of complexity.

Each promotion display is a unique project. There are no standard versions with us. GISSLER & PASS thus ensures a unique brand image with a high recognition factor. We present your item as well as possible. We delight your target market with a sales display which is perfectly tailored to your product and your brand.

If you have GISSLER & PASS produce your promotion display, you benefit from…

  • Consistency: our display conveys your brand message consistently and credibly as an overall concept. We ensure that it satisfies your wishes and requirements.
  • Creativity: we produce something unique from your ideas, suggestions and wishes. You score at the point of sale (POS) thanks to our creative approach.
  • Impulse purchases: our promotion displays provide information, elicit emotions and generate desire for the product. This invites customers to make impulse purchases.
  • Uniqueness: your advertising medium isn’t one among many: it’s a piece which no other company uses in this form.
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