Inner values and sense of family

Family spirit stands for respect, reliability and security. A sense of family creates proximity and short distances. We offer freedom for personal initiative, promote the development of our employees and ensure a healthy & safe working environment. In this way, we create the basis for a committed and creative organisation at all levels. We love performance and are passionate about quality – that’s what makes us strong. 

The focus is on building a long-term relationship of trust with our employees, customers and partners, characterised by respect. Committed, motivated and interested in new developments, we provide an inspiring working environment with long-term perspectives. For this reason, we react flexibly and quickly to the demands of the market and implement ideas from employees and customers and innovatively. 

A sustainable human resources policy with comprehensive training and further education measures for our employees ensures that everyone shares the philosophy of protecting the environment and implements all measures responsibly.

As a family business, we think and act sustainably out of principle and socially out of conviction. The basis for this is our value system, which is characterised by respect, mutual support, consideration and work of value:

Equal treatment and the promotion of vulnerable groups have been our practice for many decades.
People of the most diverse nationalities work closely together with us. And they have done so for many years.

  • We work together with recognised workshops for people with disabilities and employ people with disabilities.
  • Whether refugees or people with temporary residence permits, we have had and continue to have employees from all these backgrounds.
  • Hard-to-place long-term unemployed people with a willingness to learn and to work find a place with us.
  • Seniors 50+ are normal applicants for us. Qualifications are the deciding factor, not age.

We have laid down the ethical principles derived from our values for responsible, respectful and lawful dealings with each other and with our business partners in the GISSLER & PASS Code of Conduct.

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