A knack for the right packagings

Whether the aim is protection, classy presentation or rapid clearance sales: Gissler & Pass has a decade-long track record in setting creative and individual quality standards.

Packaging from Gissler & Pass

GISSLER & PASS specialises in tailor-made packaging solutions made of corrugated board, with special focus on

  • Transport Packaging
  • Sales Packaging, and
  • Special-Purpose Packaging

There are several reasons why corrugated board makes for such a great packaging material: It’s customisable to match products and customer expectations, it’s light-weight yet sturdy for maximum product safety, allows for a broad spectrum of linings e.g. against moisture, is easily recycled via the paper recycling bin or repurposed to serve as a storage or shipping box. Its excellent printability makes corrugated board an information carrier and brand messenger, in other words: a key medium in your communication with the customer.