Special-Purpose Packaging

Special-Purpose Packaging

Our custom solutions pack a punch.

When it comes to special-purpose packaging, there’s no request too outlandish for us. No matter if it’s about product roll-outs, direct marketing campaigns, trade show presentations or image-promoting activities: We will find the perfect solution, never mind the material, form or size.

We’re looking forward to your request.

What is Special-Purpose Packaging?

Special-purpose packaging is a kind of sales packaging designed to catch the eye with innovative concepts, extravagant forms, cutouts, or colours. As it were, it is just a wee bit more striking, remarkable and impressive, highlighting the benefits of the product swiftly, directly, and unmistakably. These are creative solutions that present a product believably and to full advantage. But that’s not all: Special-purpose packaging also appeals to the consumers’ emotions, which is does very strongly. Ideal applications include product launches, trade shows, marketing and promotional campaigns, and image-boosting activities.


What are the special features of GISSLER & PASS’s special-purpose packaging?

Getting attention is a valuable asset in our fast-lived times. Brands and products vie for customer attention at the point of sale because, statistically speaking, more than 90 per cent of buying decisions are made in front of the shelf, and within just a couple of seconds. What is it that makes a buyer reach for a certain product and ignore the competing products? Emotion. And right here is where we come into play: We at GISSLER & PASS make Special-purpose packaging solutions designed to speak to the emotions of the customers and inspire them to buy your product! That’s how you create an unforgettable shopping and brand experience. Our one-of-a-kind, creative Special-purpose packaging solutions are tailor-made to suit your wishes, needs and requirements.

  • Special-purpose packaging consists of unique forms and/or material assemblies such as corrugated board and transparent foil or plastic elements.
  • Special forms and dimensions turn Special-purpose packaging solutions into irresistible eye catchers at the point of sale.
  • High-quality prints and fancy decorations on a Special-purpose packaging are sure to turn heads and highlight the products in shelves, sales areas or at trade fair stands
FAQ: Your most frequently asked questions – our answers

We follow a three-step ordering and production process: 1. Briefing, 2. Brainstorming/design, 3. Prototype creation and manufacture.

  1. Briefing: In a first step, you tell us all about the product and background for which you need the special-purpose packaging solution. We will identify the target group you are going for and ask you about your wishes and demands our special-purpose packaging solution is supposed to address.
  2. Brainstorming/design: In a next step, we scribble down different propositions by hand and develop a tailor-made solution on the computer.
  3. Prototype creation and manufacture: Using this model, we create a prototype. Once this prototype passes muster in our quality tests, we proceed to manufacture the quantity of packaging units that you require.


The briefing is all about the following points:

  • What product is the packing solution supposed to showcase?
  • What’s your brand message?
  • Which distribution channel do you intend to use for the product in question? Is the point of sale a grocery, a discounter, a drug store, or a trade show stand?
  • What’s your target group?
  • Do you need us to develop the solution from scratch, or an existing solution to be optimised?
  • What are your demands and requirements in terms of functionality, material, form, dimensions or refinements of your solution?
  • How important is sustainability and environmental awareness to your company, regarding your special-purpose packaging solution?
  • What is your budget?


After the initial briefing, our creative experts proceed to garner ideas for your special-purpose packaging solution, based on the information you provide. What comes first in most cases is hand-drawn sketches that are then implemented into 3D models of your nascent special-purpose packaging solution, in which cutting-edge CAD software is used.

Do take your time to look closely at our proposal and provide feedback. You have a suggestion on how to make it even better? You’d like to have a different material, colour or layout, now that you’ve seen our proposal? Talk to us! We will incorporate any suggestions, wishes or proposals for modification you may have—straight away and at short notice.

Prototype creation and manufacture

If you are satisfied with our digital model and give us the go-ahead, we will use the model as a basis for crafting a so-called prototype. This prototype serves as an illustration for you, and it is the very first specimen of your special-purpose packaging solution— provided it passes muster in our quality tests as far as robustness and quality are concerned. We will then proceed to manufacture your solution in the desired quantity.

Our packaging solutions are manufactured at our plants in Jülich and Rodenberg.

The principal material we use is corrugated board. However, we also add materials such as foil, plastic elements or metal into the mix to make the design of your packaging solution more refined. It all depends on the brand message you want to convey with your special-purpose packaging solution:

  • Do you want your product to exude an air of eco-friendliness? Then corrugated board and our resource-saving grass paper will provide a solid foundation.
  • Do you want your product to come across as luxurious and classy? In this case, upgrades such as holographic effects, embossings or special colours can be incorporated to set a mark.
  • Or do you want your product to communicate fun and joy of living? Creative cutouts and colourful, jolly plastic elements are an option here.

Or why not pique the interest of potential buyers by amalgamating different materials? Cutouts, unique forms and dimensions or high-quality prints can be used to give the corrugated board material a thorough revamp.

We deliver Special-purpose packaging solutions for luxury goods, foodstuffs and beverages, but also tech products. Special-purpose packaging solutions are basically suited for optimising, and adding some creativity to, the presentation of your product in the battle for consumer attention.

Special-purpose packaging solutions

  • are alluring attention magnets.
  • support product branding.
  • touch buyers and pick them up from right where they are in their personal environment.
  • facilitate lifestyle identification.
  • set irresistible buying stimuli.

As sales packaging, a special-purpose packaging solution is your key contact with the customer at the point of sale. Its design has a massive influence on how successfully your product will sell. We help you be inspiring in the shelves and sales areas!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you hard and fast information as to production times. This is because every single packaging solution is designed and crafted exclusively for you. Therefore, production times can only be estimated if we know all the details of your project. We give you a rough estimate before production starts, which will be based on your timing requirements.

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Special-Purpose Packaging

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