Co-packing: Let’s tackle it.

Co-packing is the short form of “contract packing”. In Germany, these service providers are called “contract packers”.

External service providers…

  • deal with the professional setting-up, installation and filling of your POS displays and/or packaging.
  • take on the shipping preparations and transportation of the filled displays directly to the marketplace.

Why are increasing numbers of companies using co-packing?

In order to pack products attractively and ready for sale themselves, companies need appropriate infrastructure:

  • expertise
  • packaging and storage capacity
  • machines
  • staff

Not all companies have the necessary equipment or the necessary specialist staff. For this reason, ever more industries are increasingly relying on co-packing. This saves on costs and their own resources.

At the same time, co-packing guarantees the best possible quality in the individual packaging for the particular item and in the presentation of the products within the POS display. Ultimately, the brand image is inextricably linked to the external image of a company.

What’s special with GISSLER & PASS

Seasonal goods, limited editions and targeted marketing campaigns should provide an additional boost to sales. The perfect presentation of your goods at point-of-sale (POS) is therefore crucial for the success of your brand. The more exciting, individual and experience-oriented the customers’ interaction with your products, the better your brand stays in the consumers’ consciousness. Achieving just that is GISSLER & PASS’ speciality.

We develop and manufacture transport packaging, sale packaging and POS displays for you. In our own co-packing plant in Jülich with a large logistics area, we offer the co-packing service as an extra in our full service package – simple, clean and on schedule.

Before consumers set eyes on items such as lamps or sweets in the store, these products get attractive sale packaging. They are presented in displays lavishly designed by GISSLER & PASS right at the point of sale. We also take care of the best possible product placement for your secondary placements.