Innovation Management

Innovation Management

New requirements, new opportunities! 

Our material corrugated board is more in focus than ever as consumers become more environmentally conscious. We are currently experiencing a great surge in innovation. Completely new areas of application are opening up, we can try things out and produce good examples and trend-setting developments.

The raw material grass is just one example.

We are investing more resources in packaging and display solutions than ever before. And we are continuously expanding our range with a competent team of development and production experts.

  • Intelligent solutions – sustainable from the start
    Considerations of optimised production steps, available machinery in-house and at the customer’s, material savings, waste avoidance, etc. are incorporated into the development right from the conception phase.
  • Material, printing & finishing Substitution of plastic parts (handles, padding, deep-drawn parts) with clever solutions made of corrugated board. Use of environmentally friendly, migration-free inks and water-based varnishes. Advice on environmentally friendly alternatives for UV varnish with a similar gloss effect.

  • Sustainable mobility and transport Efficient palletising, clever logistics concepts, avoidance of empty runs. Reduction of business travel through online/video conferencing. 
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Grass paper

In Europe alone, around 41 million tonnes of pulp from 90 million tonnes of wood are needed for paper production every year! The use of GRASS as a raw material for paper production could be a sustainable alternative. 

Grass is a rapidly renewable raw material from local sources. The hay is chopped into very short fibres, further ground and mechanically pressed into pellets. Paper mills turn these into paper with the help of water. The production of grass paper has an improved ecological balance in terms of water and energy consumption as well as the use of chemicals.

Grass paper consists of about 40% sun-dried grass and 60% FSC®-certified pulp, i.e. 100% renewable, recyclable and naturally grown raw materials. 

Unique look & feel The new design and feel experience with the rougher surface and the natural-ecological colour impression underlines the sustainability concept and fits perfectly with the marketing of ecological products.

What does grass paper mean for you?

  • Printability and further processing can be carried out perfectly; the new raw material can be processed like a test liner and has almost identical production and quality properties.
  • Optimum bonding on the corrugator (optimum flatness, no curvature) with very good quality results.
  • Good, in some cases even higher strength than with the use of recovered paper, high paper volume.
  • Food grade and approved according to XXXVI. recommendation.
  • Limitation of the mineral oil problem by reducing the proportion of waste paper.
  • Grass fibre consists of 100% virgin fibre and contains no allergens.
  • Packaging made of grass paper meets the ecological requirements of our time; rapidly renewable raw materials conserve resources.
  • The surface of the paper is reminiscent of a subtle hay shimmer and thus underlines the special character of the packaging.
  • Good story telling for marketing and sales.

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