• Inspiration by achievement!

    More speed. More efficiency. More creativity. ‘Great Packaging’, that means exceeding expectations and delivering the perfect solution to any problem.
  • Always in good hands

    Gissler & Pass knows what’s going down well – especially when it comes to transport packaging.
  • Wrap it up in perfect ways

    One-of-a-kind products deserve exceptional packaging. Gissler & Pass delivers optimum solutions for any product.
  • It’s all about the presentation

    Quality goods deserve to be presented in the right way. Gissler & Pass’s display solutions are designed to make your products shine.

Packaging Manufacturer & Producer

Whether for protection, classy presentation or quick sales: Gissler & Pass has a track record in setting creative and individual quality standards that goes back decades.

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Looks good at any POS: Get inspired by our selection of product carriers and invest in Gissler & Pass POS displays, custom-made to suit any need and budget.

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Your ideas, our expertise. Our consultation service is built on a mutual exchange with the customer.

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An idea materialises: Where inventiveness meets groundbreaking technology.

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At your request we can also fill your displays.

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Everything you need to streamline your processes   from distribution to dealers.

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GISSLER & PASS: your packaging manufacturer

Our passion for packaging reflects in our creative solutions designed to showcase your products in an exciting and inspiring manner to boost sales.

True to our maxim “think no limits”, we keep an open mind to extraordinary concepts, demanding tasks, and tough demands. Our customers’ challenges are our mission. Our all-encompassing quality standard drives us to deliver superlative results.

Across the entire process chain—from counselling and conceptual design through the production of your packaging and/or display right up to the retail placement—you can be sure that we will always be your reliable partner.

We provide outstanding technical consultation services and superior response and delivery times.  We are fast. We are dependable. And we are straightforward.

One system, infinite diversity

International and national players working with a great multitude of brands depend on efficient POS concepts to deliver a homogeneous, cogent brand image. Based on a clever standardisation and modularisation approach, display and packaging expert GISSLER & PASS makes sure that your products are guaranteed to inspire customers at the point of sale, transnationally.

GISSLER & PASS’s attractive packaging and inventive display solutions will help you be more successful the market–both domestically and abroad.

A wide spectrum of services

GISSLER & PASS’s comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Transport packaging: Heavy, fragile, unusually shaped product? With GISSLER & PASS transport packaging solutions, your goods are guaranteed to be delivered safely.
  • Sales packaging: GISSLER & PASS finds the ideal packaging solution to ensure great results at the point of sale—emotionally appealing, innovative, distinct.
  • Displays: GISSLER & PASS designs and manufactures all types of displays, from floor displays through pallet and counter displays up to POS systems, thus creating inspiring sceneries to pull buyers into your product universe and boost your brand.
  • CO-packing: With our full-service offering surrounding the field of displays and packaging, we provide co-packaging as an add-on service.

 GISSLER & PASS is a German packaging manufacturer based in the cities of Jülich and Rodenberg. Founded in 1882 by Hermann Gissler in liaison with his cousin Carl Wilhelm Pass, GISSLER & PASS remains a family-owned business to this day. With Thomas Gissler-Weber at the helm, present-day GISSLER & PASS has about 500 employees and generates approx. 108M euros worth of annual sales.
In 1997, GISSLER & PASS joined Alliabox, a European network company which is composed of autonomous, family-run packaging manufacturers, producing corrugated-cardboard packaging and display solutions both for international branded companies and strong private-label manufacturers in more than 25 countries across Europe.

GISSLER & PASS has won multiple awards at national and international competitions for outstanding display and packaging solutions.
Current double success: The OnPack promotion for Ramazzotti took 1st place in the VDW’s 2021 Corrugated Board Innovation Award and the sustainable washing powder packaging for the dalli Group was awarded 3rd place in the ‘Transport Packaging’ category.


    We deliver smart solutions from packaging to logistics.


    We transform creativity into a competitive edge.


    We ensure great diversity for maximum individuality.


    We create trust through quality.


    We think ahead to carry your success into the future.

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