• Inspiration by achievement!

    More speed. More efficiency. More creativity. ‘Great Packaging’, that means exceeding expectations and delivering the perfect solution to any problem.
  • Always in good hands

    Gissler & Pass knows what’s going down well – especially when it comes to transport packaging.
  • Wrap it up in perfect ways

    One-of-a-kind products deserve exceptional packaging. Gissler & Pass delivers optimum solutions for any product.
  • It’s all about the presentation

    Quality goods deserve to be presented in the right way. Gissler & Pass’s display solutions are designed to make your products shine.

Whether for protection, classy presentation or quick sales: Gissler & Pass has a track record in setting creative and individual quality standards that goes back decades.

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Looks good at any POS: Get inspired by our selection of product carriers and invest in Gissler & Pass POS displays, custom-made to suit any need and budget.

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Your ideas, our expertise. Our consultation service is built on a mutual exchange with the customer.

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An idea materialises: Where inventiveness meets groundbreaking technology.

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At your request we can also fill your displays.

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Everything you need to streamline your processes   from distribution to dealers.

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    We deliver smart solutions from packaging to logistics.


    We transform creativity into a competitive edge.


    We ensure great diversity for maximum individuality.


    We create trust through quality.


    We think ahead to carry your success into the future.

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