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GP wins WorldStar Award 2022

The announcement of the winners of the WorldStar 2022, the most prestigious global packaging prize awarded since 1970, has Gissler & Pass rejoicing once again just before the end of the year. The sustainable packaging concept for the dalli washing powder packaging convinced the WPO (World Packaging Organisation) jury.

WorldStar management had a record number of entries with 440 from 37 countries around the globe, despite the difficult situation the global economy is facing in the second year after the Covid-19 crisis. 28 of the 240 WorldStar Packaging Awards 2022 in total go to Germany.  

Only packaging that has already received a national or regional award recognised by the WPO is eligible for the WorldStar. For dalli washing powder packaging, this was third place in the 2021 Corrugated Board Innovation Award.


Focus on sustainability
Sustainability and convenience took centre stage with most of the entries for WorldStar 2022. The sustainable packaging concept for the dalli-group impresses due to the substitution of the plastic handle and plastic tear strip with solutions made of corrugated board. Making the packaging 96% plastic-free. The absence of any non-paper materials also improves logistical processes and makes handling easier for consumers. Despite significant design changes, the new packaging runs smoothly on both Gissler & Pass processing machines and dalli-group lines without the need for additional investment in new machine parts.

“We are very happy about this international recognition and are extremely proud. This award once again shows that Gissler & Pass represents the spirit of the times when it comes to plastic substitutes. This complies with our own claim to not only follow markets, but to actively help shape new trends and give our customers the best possible support in their efforts to achieve sustainability,” says Thomas Gissler-Weber, Managing Director of Gissler & Pass GmbH.

The WorldStar Awards Ceremony for 2022 will be held on 4 May 2022 in Milan, Italy, during Ipack Ima ( in collaboration with the local WPO member, the Italian Packaging Institute (

To see the full list of winners of the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2022, please visit

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