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Gissler & Pass uses energy management services from OPTENDA

The packaging industry is an exceptionally energy and resource-intensive sector. Gissler & Pass, a specialist in the production of high-quality displays and individual packaging solutions made from corrugated board, therefore works continuously on increasing its own energy and resource efficiency and reducing its CO2 emissions. In the interests of ensuring an efficient form of energy management, in the future, the company will be making use of the Energy Monitor energy management software from OPTENDA.

Energy and sustainability management at Gissler & Pass
Gissler & Pass was founded in 1882. It has been a family business ever since and is now in its fourth generation of management. The family business operates a total of five plants at its two locations in Jülich (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Rodenberg (Lower Saxony). Gissler & Pass has firmly anchored responsibility for the environment and society in its corporate strategy. Accordingly, it continuously develops new processes, systems and products so as to offer customers sustainable solutions.

Proof of the company’s efforts to increase sustainability is provided by its certified management system, which monitors quality, environmental protection and a consistent form of energy efficiency. All of the company’s facilities have been certified according to the environmental management system standard ISO 14001 since 2001. This means that the environmental friendliness of the purchased and used resources, the manufacturing processes as well as the development of the recycling loops, is ensured and constantly advanced.

Energy management certification according to ISO 50001
Since 2013, Gissler & Pass has also been certified according to ISO 50001, which substantiates and documents the continuous improvement of a company’s energy efficiency performance. Since the end of January 2022, the company has been using the Energy Monitor energy management software, which also offers new opportunities for efficiency improvements. The software is also compliant with the requirements of ISO 50001, which significantly reduces the outlay required for certification.

The Energy Monitor manages the automated collection and processing of all the energy consumption data of the company. This creates transparency in the energy flows, which rapidly highlights any inefficiencies in the energy consumption. On the basis of this data, the energy management can also validly assess potentials for improvement, such as changing over to new technology or machinery. The tracking of improvement measures of this kind is of particular relevance for the ISO 50001 certification and is easy to carry out with the software.

Gissler & Pass increases its energy efficiency by heating or cooling the printing presses with waste heat, using highly efficient compressed air generators, and with an efficient lighting concept with motion detectors and LED lights, for example. These and other concepts are built on and improved all the time to ensure that less energy is consumed for the same production output and that less CO2 is therefore emitted. For this purpose, the Energy Monitor provides the necessary data.

Achieving greater energy efficiency on a step-by-step basis
Setting up the system does not pose any problems: the modern locations of Gissler & Pass are all state-of-the-art and have a good infrastructure for recording the energy data. As the Energy Monitor is compatible with all of the standard measurement technology and is independent of manufacturer, this can also be integrated into the software easily.

The Energy Monitor is being implemented at the Rodenberg site as a pilot project and the other locations will then follow on a step-by-step basis, until all sites are networked on a uniform and central basis for the energy management in 2022.


OPTENDA supports companies from the worlds of industry and commerce, as well as towns, cities and municipalities in energy and CO2 management. In this respect, the focus is on software solutions which have been developed in-house and that enable users to save energy, CO2 emissions and costs on a straightforward and sustainable basis.

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