Gratitude and Recognition for 420 Years of Work

During the more than 133-year history of Gissler & Pass GmbH, the corrugated cardboard specialist, there has been a lengthy tradition for acknowledging employees who have been loyal to the company for several years. So on 27th October, the Restaurant Adria in Jülich/Lich-Steinstraß provided the setting for the ceremonious honouring of the 14 longest-standing employees of 2016.

Managing directors Thomas Gissler-Weber and Manfred Schlapps expressed their gratitude to the twelve longest-standing employees who were present for their trust, loyalty and extreme solidarity over an impressive period of 25, 40 and even 50 years! “In this day and age, which is categorised by speed and change, this sort of extreme loyalty is no longer the norm. Company loyalty lasting a quarter of a century is remarkable and we are proud to this year be awarding 10 employees with the silver badge of honour”, the managing directors stated.

Three employees, Ursula Bugla, Sibylle Schaaf and Brigitte Wiedenhöft, were honoured for having worked at the company for 40 years, which is an exceptional professional lifetime achievement. Mr Peter Küpper got a special mention: he has worked for the same company for an incredible 50 years. The managing directors: “In very few places would you still see loyalty lasting five centuries. Each individual has made considerable contributions to the development and success of Gissler & Pass over the course of their many years of work. We are very proud of the fact that with their experience, but also their commitment, our longest-standing employees are role models to the younger generation and are able to pass on their knowledge.”

Honoured for having been at the company for 50 years:
Peter Küpper

Honoured for having been at the company for 40 years:
Ursula Bugla, Sybille Schaaf und Brigitte Wiedenhöft

Honoured for having been at the company for 25 years:
Erika Althaus, Ilyas Eskicioglu, Gregor Goertzen, Jens Hoffmann, Erdogan Karakavuz, Tino Keller, Martin Pawelek, Michael Petzold, Krzysztof Piechaczek, Hans-Peter Schneider

From left to right (from front to back):
1st row: Sibylle Schaaf, Ursula Bugla, Brigitte Wiedenhöft, Erika Althaus, Manfred Schlapps
2nd row: Thomas Gissler-Weber, Tino Keller, Hans-Peter Schneider
3rd row: Gregor Goertzen, Michael Petzold, Peter Küpper, Erdogan Karakavuz, Ilyas Eskicioglu, Krzysztof Piechaczek

Jens Hoffmann and Martin Pawelek are missing from the photograph.


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