Gissler & Pass honours 2015’s jubilarians

Jubilare 2015

The employees of corrugated board specialist Gissler & Pass are known to stay with the company for many years. It’s on that note that, on 18 November, Obbendorf Castle in Niederzier-Hambach provided the right backdrop for the festive tribute paid to the 21 jubilarians in 2015.

Managing directors Thomas Gissler-Weber and Manfred Schlapps expressed their gratitude and recognition to the jubilarians for 25 or even 40 years of solidarity and loyalty. As a thank-you, Thomas Gissler-Weber and Manfred Schlapps presented honorary certificates and needles.

The following were honoured for 25 years at Gissler & Pass:
Gunter Böltzig, Jaroslaw Bosowski, Nadir Cifcibasi, Lydia Gehlen, Wilfried Göben, Gabriele Hong, Reinhard Hübl, Manuel Jähn, Annelise Köhler, Walburga Mandelartz, Arthur Markus, Ursula Merken, Hamsa Özer, Sandra Rüttgers, Werner Schiffer, Rudolf Schoppe, Dieter Thelen

The following were honoured for 40 years at Gissler & Pass:
Heinrich Dettlaff, Wilfried Heinrichs, Hans-Josef Offergeld, Wilhelm Stiel

The manager: “We’re really proud of all the years of mutual loyalty between you and Gissler & Pass, which is no small feat and a hallmark of our family-run business. The long-standing teamwork and mutual trust have helped bring together a rich treasure trove of experience that benefits our customers and at the same time serves as a spring of knowledge for our younger colleagues ‑ this is what actually sets us apart.”

from left to right (from back to front) Reinhard Hübl, Manuel Jähn, Gunter Böltzig, Arthur Markus, Wilhelm Stiel, Nadir Cifcibasi, Hamza Özer, Hans-Josef Offergeld, Rudolf Schoppe, Werner Schiffer Jaroslaw Bosowski, Dieter Thelen, Heinrich Dettlaff, Wilfried Heinrichs, Annelise Köhler, Lydia Gehlen, Walburga Mandelartz, Sandra Rüttgers Gabriele Hong, Ursula Merken, Thomas Gissler-Weber, Manfred Schlapps. Missing from the picture: Mr Wilfried Göben.


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