Gissler & Pass wins GOLD at display Superstar Award 2020

In the ceremony for the display Superstar Award 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Gissler & Pass reaped the gold trophy for prevailing in the “Self-presenting Carboard Product Carriers” category!

The expert jury of the noted POS marketing competition awarded the price for a POS display designed for Lindt & Sprüngli, which 100% emulates an oversized étagère, thus serving as a powerful eye catcher guaranteed to wow potential buyers.

The Lindt étagèrethe details

With its classic chocolates, Lindt & Sprüngli delivers finest chocolate selections for the true connoisseur. The task was to design an attractive and exclusive POS display to draw a maximum of attention to the topic of “gifts and presents”.

The solution: a 90 cm high, three-storey premium étagère made of corrugated and solid cardboard and designed for an appealing presentation of various chocolates. Mounted on a height-adjustable telescopic rod, the classy chocolate étagère sits atop the secondary placement which holds the chocolate gift boxes, thus kindling an appetite for treats already from afar. A built-in motor controlled by a light sensor rotates the gold-coloured étagère–after all, movement is what turns heads and provides for orientation.
Delicate promotional details such as typical gift wraps and the fine gift ribbon conveying the message “finest cholocates–variety presented with love” ensure memorability and speak to the consumers’ emotional side. The étagère comes fully finished so that all that’s left to do on location is to attach it to the telescopic rod and initialise the motor.

“We’re very happy with the result, and very proud. The display Superstar gold award is another testimony to our high quality standards and competence in the field of creative and efficient display solutions designed to help customers differentiate themselves in the market and bolster their position,” said Thomas Gissler-Weber, CEO of Gissler & Pass GmbH.
“Also, we’d like to say thank you to the jury and our long-standing partner Lindt & Sprüngli for the close and trustful collaboration.”

All of the 83 pieces submitted for the display Superstar Award 2020 were presented at Düsseldorf’s viscom trade show from 7 to 9 January, where they were judged by an expert jury with members from the retail and industry sector, the domain of product design, and engineering sciences. The outcome: exclusive industry prizes for 44 winners.


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