Gissler & Pass wins German Design Award 2014

German Design Award 2014 for exceptional design quality

The modular packaging system for the long-standing cookware manufacturer, Fissler GmbH, had already won the German Packaging Award in 2012. The packaging concept received the Special Mention award in the communication tools category for the German Design Award 2014 due to its unique quality of design. The award presentation took place on 7 February 2014 at the consumer goods fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt am Main.

The German Design Award is the international top prize of the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), a prize that boosts the reputation of designers and companies. Featured are high-quality products and projects from the product and communication design sector, from design personalities and young designers who in their own way are all pioneers on the German and international design scene. This year, 100 products were selected out of 1900 high quality entries for the Gold und Winner awards.

The additional Special Mention award honoured pieces of work whose design exhibited particularly special aspects or solutions; an advanced award that recognises the commitment of companies and Designers.

Asien is different – the packaging concept

The packaging specialist, Gissler & Pass, together with Fissler GmbH has developed a combined transport and sales packaging solution for pressure cookers that is specially tailored to meet demand from the Asian market. Frauke Heyer, product manager for pressure cookers at Fissler, describes some of the particulars: “In Asia, packaging serves to make products look like top quality, but is considered just as much gift wrapping. However, the pressure cookers also have to make the long journey. They have to arrive at their destination in top condition after having spent weeks being shipped. We have also developed protective casing that prevents the product from damage and assists its sale. Moreover, both reduce costs more in comparison with the original packaging.”

“The centre piece of the modular folding bottom box is a mechanically glued inlay with a circular impression in which the cookers are placed” Dominik Schröteler, packaging designer at Gissler & Pass, explains. “The inlay is flexible and can secure up to 19 different kinds of pressure cookers and sets from moving out of place. They weigh up to at least 10 kg.” As additional protection during transportation, a piece of corrugated board is laid horizontally over the top of the pressure cooker to compensate for the item’s height, and together with a support created by padding out one of the corners on the inside of the packaging, the packaging lid does not cave in under pressure on the top.

A great advantage of the packaging is how simple it is to use. The folding bottom box, centring fixture and support ensure that everything is in the right position when putting the packaging together. The packaging is completely finished in a flash. With previous packaging solutions, pressure cookers had to then be padded out with different materials before they could be place in the packaging.

Premium brand image

Its design means that the packaging meets the requirements set by the premium market, something that is particularly important for an Asian clientele. “The Fissler brand has earned itself the status of being a luxury item, as having a similar status to that of Louis Vuitton, for example,” Heyer explains. “Attractive, high-quality packaging definitely affects sales in Asia.”

“We are really proud of this award! We see it as another recognition of our creativity, ability to be innovative and of our technological intelligence”, Thomas Gissler-Weber, managing director of Gissler & Pass GmbH, says. “We also want to thank the team from Fissler, for it is only by working closely together that a marketable packaging concept that works for manufacturers, packaging suppliers, commerce and the consumer can been developed out of our first design idea.”

More information about the German Design Award as well as an online exhibition of the winning entries is available at

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