Two display solutions nominated for POPAI 2018 Award

POPAI Award 2018 web 710x371

No less than two Gissler & Pass GmbH products have this year been nominated for the POS industry’s much coveted award.

The ¼ chep action display for a revamped presentation of the Zentis classic Marzipan Kartoffel were picked by the jury as being prize-worthy. The highly creative runner-up, with its outline-cut wings, has a likeable air about it, while the friendly potato farmer surprises customers and lends a decidedly emotional tone to the proceedings.
Based on its snazzy folding design, the outline-cut back wall allows for compact, well protected transport of the fully equipped ¼ chep without padding or protrusions.

The high-end product display developed for the roll-out of brand new make-up products by L’Oréal Paris, too, won big points. With its idiosyncratic appearance created through round bases, integrated stages, testers and outline-cut cardboard pop-ups, the ¼ chep premium showcases products with a lot of flair, thus highlighting the brand’s claim to premium quality.

All exhibits were put on display as part of a special exhibition at the EuroCIS from 27 February to 2 March, and rated by an independent expert jury of members from the retail and research/distribution segment with respect to innovation, aesthetics, trade compliance, and impact on buying behaviour.

At the awards ceremony scheduled for June 2018, Gissler & Pass will finally know whether the display solution is going to fetch gold, silver or bronze.

The POPAI (Point of Purchase International) association is a global player that sees itself as a centre of excellence and a communication platform for all things marketing at the POS. Year by year, POPAI honours successful POS solutions at an international level.

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