Gissler & Pass nominated for POPAI Award 2016

The display designed for HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG’s “Früchtespaß” has earned Gissler & Pass a nomination for the POPAI Award 2016!

The “squeeze bottle display” had convinced the experts by its visceral design and inventive, attractive presentation.

Shaped like a HiPP squeeze bottle and sticking out by its striking design, the display adds recognition value to the presented brand. The POS staging is enhanced by the high-quality print. For example, the lid appears as if made from real plastic, just like the squeeze bottle after which it was fashioned. The whole structure is quite sturdy notwithstanding the plain and lightweight construction, with the display jacket consisting of just two separate parts. Moreover, the possibility of accessing it from two sides benefits the sale.

The POPAI – Point of Purchase International association is a global player that conceives of itself as being a centre of excellence and a communication platform surrounding the marketing segment. Every year, the association awards prizes for successful POS solutions in a number of countries.

Against the backdrop of a special exhibition at Düsseldorf’s EuroCIS (the leading retail technology fair), all of the 68 submitted exhibits were showcased and assessed by an independent judging panel. The awards ceremony set for June will show whether the display solution won gold, silver or bronze.

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